King's College London Centre of Construction Law and Management

MSc programmes in Construction Law

The London MSc programme is the longest running taught part-time programme of its type in the UK; over 1000 lawyers, QSs, engineers, architects and others have successfully completed it. It took more-or-less its present form in 1988, a year after John Uff QC founded the Centre, and remains the Centre’s main teaching activity. It is taught over two years with classes at the Strand Campus, mostly at weekends; it is not a distance-learning programme.

Overseas students may complete the course over a reduced period by combining part-time classes into a full-time programme.

Full details about the London MSc and Diploma programme and about applying to join are available on the King's College website,  Also contact Susan Hart (tel: +44 (0)20 7848 2643).

PhD Research Degrees

The Centre of Construction Law welcomes those wishing to undertake a research degree under the supervision of the Centre's academic staff. Comprehensive information on the research degree programme can be found in the King's online prospectus.